Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To ski or not ski!?

That is the question!
We went back up to the mountains last weekend again... wake up call, 6:30 am....

Two and a half hours later..... to ski it was!!! You could see the Sea from up top while you were skiing!
And it even stared to snow again!

Enrico & Tonino being funny!
Beautiful sunset while we left

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow & Skiing in Sardina!

So it's Mardi-Gras time here, and lots of festivities are going on around our Island! We decided to take advantage of the festive spirit and spend the weekend at the nearby mountains where there was said to be TONS of snow! And it was true! We couldn't believe our eyes when we got up there! A truly different sight from what we're used to (beaches and all). The town we stayed in is called Fonni and is about 15-20 minuets from the Ski slopes we were going to!

From the sea to snow!
We really couldn't believe there was so much snow, it was like 4 feet!
Don't I look goofy!
Enrico unloading the car

Of course I had to make a snowman/woman.
We're still debating on the gender since I gave it a lip enhancement! ;-)
It even started to snow heavily in the afternoon!
Enrico doing his thing!

Friends Giulia, Giacomo & Diego
Our snow gear was really retro! I mean c'mon! we NEVER get this much snow here, so all of our stuff was like from the 70's and 80's. It was really funny to see everyone pull out their "best" outfit!
Jackie, Mea & Giulia
But I think Antonio wins with his fuchsia boots!
The slopes
Beautiful views from the slopes

Me, myself & I... proving I was really there!
And a video of me coming down the slope!

OLD Ski lift
On our way back we stopped in a town called Mamoiada (mam-o-ee-ada). Their festivities are famous around the Island for good food and fun! And it was!

Their typical costume for Mardi-Gras is called Mamuthones (Mamu-tone-es), pre-Christian traditional masquerades dating back more than 2,000 years. The mystery around their origins makes them even more respected and loved.

Click HERE for an interesting article about them & the festivities.