Friday, June 10, 2011

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

My day was sooo much fun! Words really can't explain the feeling of movie magic!

For obvious reasons, I didn't get any pictures of myself on set! I hope someone else did! But I did take a few around set! My job on set was to pretend during the shoot to be the main actress's hair & make-up gal! So the camera zooms in on me good this time too!

Me & Thyago (main actor)
Adriadna (main actress) & Silvia
On set
The Director Pieraccioni
The crew & director making decisions

Monday, June 6, 2011

ON THE ROAD TO STARDOM....(or maybe not!!!)

Soooo I went to the shoot on Saturday morning!

Just to be on set, get my make-up and hair done by a professional from Cinecittà (Italy's version of Hollywood MGM studios). I couldn't get any other pictures as the day started at 7 a.m. and was just pure chaos and bliss from there on.... I always knew that I was supposed to be in the movies ahahahah ;-)

This is me early in the morning with my VIP pass
The other girls in the cast....

Me & my friend Stefano who got chosen as well - we were waiting for hair & make-up. Well, I was! (hence Stefano's shaved head)

Oh and yeah.... I was chosen to say a few lines, acting next to this guy (the main actor Thyago Alves from Brazil)..... not bad hu? I had nooooo idea who he was, all the other girls were astonished that I didn't know who Thyago (ti-ah-go) was... he's some kind of reality celeb, and famous Armani model. I don't really watch any Italian TV so that's why, I guess, I was on another planet!
The scene I got to do was sitting next to him in a club at a party, so the camera gets me good! I get to say 2 lines: "hurray! drinks for everyone" and "another bottle please" to the waiter! I'll be on the screen for Christmas! The movie will never make it to the States so I'll have to find a way when it's time, to post a scene!

On Thursday I get to go back..... but that's another post!

Tàh tàh!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's new?

So we still haven't got our computer back from the shop, Almost 1 month now..... they say they can't figure out what's wrong with it! So we've been "computer-napping" my mother-in-law's computer for the last few weeks.

Here are the best pictures I could get of our room addition! We're still waiting for the doors to be ready, they said June 11th so let's keep our fingers crossed!

We're looking for a couch to put in the room. I would prefer a nice beige or vanilla color so that I can have fun with colorful pillows!
Sill a bit empty....
Detail of the "wood-rug" against the ceramic tile we chose to frame the room.
And Enrico found this nice antique dresser for me to put in our walk-in closet (I think he's hoping I'll keep things neater... pure madness! hahaha)