Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Aunt Flora

A few years ago my Aunt Flora passed away (she was my Grandma's older sister), unfortunatly I didn't get to say good bye since I live so far away.
She was an interesting and elegant lady that moved around the world a lot during the 30's because her husband was an officer in the military. During one of her overseas stays she started to buy silverware by correspondance piece by piece...
When I went to visit my family for Christmas in 2006-2007, my Grandma asked me if I would like to have some of Aunt Flora's things to remeber her by. I was THRILLED and felt so lucky! I was given all of her vintage jewelry (wich I adore and use) and her silverware set that she so lovingly bought piece by piece by correspondace from Korea or some other Asian country.
Today out of curiosity I googled the silverware brand and found out that the set I have has become a piece of art deco: Art Deco Sterling Flatware"Westmoreland"
Eventhough Aunt Flora wasn't always 100% "there", I remember her lovingly and look back and laugh at all the funny things she would give me and my family as gifts for Christmas: Soap bars, used parfume, cupons, funny smelling lotions etc. It was always fun at Christmas to say "I wonder what Aunt Flora got us this year!??" Anyhow, we loved her very much, and I feel so special to have this beautiful set of Art Deco Silverware to rember her by.

The Silverware Set

Some pictures of the vintage jewelry

my favorite set

Beautiful purple broach

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bubbles Galore!

I just bought these wedding bubbles from! They were super on sale 48 pcs for like $4!!! So I bought 3 packetts and had them shipped to my Papa's house and they can just bring them to me here!  Sooo excited!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Viva Mardis Gras in Bosa!

This weekend Enrico and I went to a town called Bosa.
We go just about every year either during Mardis Gras or during the summer festivites.

A view of the Town and its castel

Enrico and I dressed up.
I was a Brazilian Girl and
Enrico was supposed to be a 70's guy with a fro!
But he did look a bit like Lenny Kravitz.....

Blue Steel (does this ever get old?)

The Celebration in the Square

Our friend dressed as a Roman Emperor
that happened to find 2 other guys dressed as Roman Soldiers

On Sunday afternoon, we walked around the semi-deserted town and
stopped for lunch at our favorite local Restaurant "La Pulce Rossa" (the red flea)
we always order this sea food spaghetti platter...

a yummy crab and mussels

The semi-deserted Town Square at lunch time on Sunday

A view of the river and the old rock bridge

The board walk
Houses looking over the board walk and river

Some geese on the road back home

Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Time!

We went over to Enrico's sister's house for Sunday Lunch today, and this is what went on!

Lot's of smiling with Gabriele...

...Lot's of loving from Auntie Simona...
...Simona and Carlotta...

Brother and Sisters
Cristiana - Enrico - Simona



The whole Fam!
Gabriele, Cristiana, Carlottaand Raffaele

Cute Carlotta!

Enrico and Carlotta being funny

Carlotta in her play room!

Gabriele in his crib, it's sooo tiny!

Mother and Son

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Did I tell you??

That I got braces again????? I feel and look 16 again! Soo funny!

Enrico's sister is a dentist and has given me a few "gifts" lately! For my 30th birthday she gave me "laser teeth whitening". We haven't got around to it because my birthday was at the end of November, and she was almost 9 months preggo by then... her scheduled delivery was bumped up a few days and so the thing had just been put on hold.

Soooooo, Christmas came and went, then New years (when Enrico proposed) and when we got back from Prague ring and all, Enrico's sister said "you know what? Before we whiten your teeth, how about braces for a few months to get them super straight so that they are purrrfect for July??" I said, what the heck! Let's do it! So now I have braces again with baby blue bands on them! I thought if I'm gonna wear'em might as well make them cute!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wedding Plans - UPDATE

So it looks like we've set a date! July 11th!!!! We've looked at this Resort called "Hotel Flamingo"
They'll allow us to have the ceremony on their private beach and then the reception right after sunset at their hotel in the "Piazetta delle Palme" (Palms Square). It'll be a sit down full on 4 course Italian gala!
After dinner, we asked if we could have a party with dancing and music at the detached Restaurant the "Wild Duck" and they said YES! Whoooppppieee!!! I can't wait!
Our colors will be teal and gold, and would like to have some kind of beach theme with cream colored candels, shells and starfish.......... let the planning BEGIN!

I'll keep you guys updated!!! XOXO!