Saturday, August 30, 2008

Out and About

So as I said in my last post, I got my camera back on the night of the concert, here's a not so good picture of us at the Amphitheater (why is it when you ask others to take your picture, it always turns out like crap????? grrrrr!)

A view of the Amphitheater

Following, I tried out the eyelash pix on our niece Carlotta ... very cute!

And here she is taking a shower outside....

....With her dad putting her robe on.....

And to finish, our dog Penny that stays at my mom's house!

Here she is doing what beagles do best! SLEEP! (sooo Snoopy like!)

How can you not love a face like this!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ok, so I had the whole evening planned out, Enrico came back from work early opened presents, we relaxed a bit and then got dressed-up and were going to dinner when I looked for my camera that is ALWAYS in my purse now a days and .... IT WASN'T THERE! Terror! Dismay! Panic! Where is my camera!? Think! Quick! What did you do today Christina? Did it fall out of my beach bag? Oh but wait! I went to Enrico's beach house and was taking funny pictures if our niece (Carlotta) in the back yard... GRAB THE PHONE QUICK - CALL MY MOTHER IN LAW (Marinella) - "Did I leave my camera there?" (terror in my voice) "yes you did, Carlotta found it out side and brought it to me"

I was so caught up in playing with Carlotta (hadn't seen her in a few weeks, they were in Ireland on vacation) that I set my camera aside and just forgot it...... I will be retrieving my camera only today, Enrico's mother will be coming back into town to go to Giovanni Allevi's Piano Concert together tonight. We are going to the old Roman Amphitheater which is way cool! They have restored the original theater that was built between the 1st century B.C. and 1st century A.D. and re-opened it to public use. It's just so cool that I will be sitting where Roman Emperors once sat. Here is a web site link so that you can see a slide show of the restoration, unfortunately the description is in Italian so the pictures will have to do... AMPHITHEATER
And a short description from me:
The Roman Amphitheatre is the largest monument from the Roman Empire in Sardinia. It has an elliptical shape and was dug into the rock-face of the hillside, with a capacity to hold 10,000 spectators.
The tiers of seats are arranged around the central area on three different levels and were reserved for the various social classes of the era. The underground galleries, which still exist today, were connected by a cistern which was used to fill the arena with water for battle ship contests.
The entertainment which took place at the amphitheatre was mainly contests between gladiators or between gladiators and ferocious animals.
However, the arena was also used as a stage for theatre productions.

The Amphitheater today
a replica of how it was before
The Roman Amphitheatre

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CSI Italia!

I woke up this morning and went to the kitchen to have breakfast and thought this was funny!
We left a plate out with some flour in it from dinner, and came to find "prints" on the counter and on the splash rug....... who could it be????? Mr. Stinky I presume?????????????
The darn cat can't even cover up his prints ;) hahahaha!

Tonight we'll be celebrating Enrico's 33rd B-Day! Can't wait to open presents! I'll post more later! Happy Happy Birthday Enrico!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Shhhhhhhhh..... Tomorrow is Enrico's 33rd Birthday!!!!!!
Have a peak!

Kelleyanne tagged me ~ 3 Things:

Kelleyanne tagged me ~ 3 Things:

3 Current Goals:
1.) At the moment my contract expired with the great job I had at the research center, I am hoping that some how it will get renewed.... but in the meantime my goal is to think positive and find a new and interesting job to replace it.

2.) Budget Better

3.) Travel more

3 Current Obsessions:
1.) Blogging
2.) I love to paint my nails and keep them in perfect order, ever since I stopped bitting them when I was 18, I have to have them always frenched or painted some way.
3.) Stinky Cat

3 Fears:
1.) Death - it's just scary all around!
2.) Lonelyness

3 Random Facts:
1.) I am fluent in Italian & English
2.) I love organizing things
3.) I am a big Madonna fan!

I tag Kristina and Jennae

Sunday, August 24, 2008

"No News Is Good News"

We really didn't do much this week. Just took it easy..... My Crocus flowers are blooming and, I made a TON of pesto from my BIG basil plant... that's just about it! ;)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Surfing Safari

"Lets go surfin now
Everybodys learning how
Come on and safari with me
(come on and safari with meee...)

Early in the morning well be startin out
Some honeys will be coming along
Were loading up our woody
With our boards inside
And headin out singing our song"

On Friday we packed our car and headed to our west coast where a Big Swell was expected to blow in that afternoon. The part of the west coast we went to is a particular coast called "costa verde" (green coast) named this way because of its lush evergreen vegetation.
In this area there are many abandoned mines from the 1800's and 1900's, an important part of Sardinia's industrial history. We first stopped in the small town of Nebida - mining town known for Iron and Zinc extraction.
(Miners at the Chessa Gallery entrance end of the 19th century)

View from Nebida looking south towards Funtanamare

Another view from Nebida looking north towards
Masua and the "sugar loaf"

The washery- A place where ore, coal, or crushed stone
is freed from impurities or dust by washing.
Also called wet separation plant or washing plant.

An old wheel

A "lone" yucca

Us in front of the powder magazine
(where they kept all the explosives) and Enrico "mocking me" ;)

Iron & Minerals

We then headed on to Buggerru where the forecast was right on .... this is what happened in about a split second! (the pictures above were taken the same day about 30 min before)

The "swell"

It came....

The loooow clouds, and it rained

before & after
(same day just 30min apart)
We set up tent, and waited for the waves the next day.......


A view from up top of Buggerru's port

Waves blasting into the Port's entrance....

..... banging on the side of the cliffs....

....on the jetty.....

Enrico on the jetty

Then off to Masua to the sugar loaf,
hoping it's a bit less choppy...

It was, even if to Enrico it wasn't that good.
At least he got to try his new board out!

The next day (Sunday) we packed up our tent and stuff and headed north to the sand dunes of "Piscinas" beach, there are no paved roads to get there.... if you click on the link you can see a satillite image of where the road finishes and to the west the big white sand dunes where we went... Unfortuatly to get there you have to go back inland up the mountain and then back down, it would be esaier if they built a strait road, but maybe it's just better that way so not so many people can get there.... ;)
However, there is 1 Hotel in the middle of no where called " Le Dune" In 1985 the Ministry for Cultural Assets declared the hotel a national monument for its particular historical interest and artistic value. It consists of three main buildings joined together by a beautiful patio and a little piazza looking on to the sea. (click on the link to lean more)

Passage way through the Mine's Manager Building (built in 1875)
in the town of Ingurtosu. The Manager’s Building, called “The Castle”, is built in medieval style imitation of a German building.

Ingurtosu is an outlying small village in the municipality of Arbus and was, together with Montevecchio, one of the most important mining centres in Sardinia. The name Ingurtosu comes from “su gurturgiu”, a griffon vulture which inhabited the skies of the area. Today Ingurtosu is a crumbling, half-deserted village but it was inhabited till the end of the 60’s and at one time almost 5,000 people lived there. It was the managerial centre of Ingurtosu and nearby Gennamari mines which made up the mining area called the “Montevecchio Vein” where lead, zinc and silver were extracted. The mine began its activity in 1855 and reached its peak at the beginning of the twentieth century.
The valley ends with the wonderful Dunes of Piscinas where minerals were transported by a small railway, built in 1871, and then loaded onto cargo ships.
Today Ingurtosu is a monument of industrial archaeology and is part of a vast area that has been declared “UNESCO World’s Heritage Site” and part of the Historical and Natural Geo-Mining Park of the Region of Sardegna.

The unpaved road

Sand dunes
Sand dunes
Sand dunes

Sand dunes

Sand dunes
Sand dunes
Sand dunes

A bent juniper tree from the high mistral winds that blow from NW

Us on the way back home (finally for a nice shower)

One last glance.....

The lush vegetation