Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birth-Giving to ME!

So this year my Birthday fell on Thanksgiving! And BOY! do I have a lot to be thankful for! My mom cooked a wonderful 3 course meal (Red Italian chicory risotto, stuffed Capon since a Turkey would have been too much for only 5 people, and cheese cake!) I got to skype phone with my family in San Diego, saw my Papà, Nancy, Grandma, Brother Nick and Finaceè Kathryn! So fun to talk to them! Tonight (Saturday) I'm having a buffet dinner party at our house and, oh yeah, and I got these AMAZING gifts! ;-)

Yes, that is a PRADA zip around wallet! Two good friends, Marco & Stefania, spoiled me with it!
New Netbook, from which I am posting from! Thank you Mamma!
And my sweet husband got me this STUNNING black pearl and platinum diamanteé necklace!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One thing to another..

I guess it's just in my personality to never "keep still". As a child I was continuously scolded by teachers and sometimes my parents about how (hyper) active I was. In fact, at one point in my childhood I was given medication to calm down (ADVICE- Please never do that to your children).
I now realize that my "problem" really wasn't a problem, because I've really never changed.

I'm always doing something new in my life and can't keep still. Today for example, I had the neatest experience interviewing a friend of mine (Chris Lawrence a well renowned photographer). It was so fun to be on a mini-set and feel like I was an actual news reporter! Kinda reminds me of when I would go to the Children's Museum and play pretend at the small news studio they had set up there! I'll post the link to the interview as soon as it's ready!

I love doing random things and trying new stuff! As I said, it's just in my personality, I guess!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

‎"Berlusconi's resignation was greeted with cheers and dancing in the streets, as people waved the Italian flag and sang the nation's anthem."

Take the time to watch the video! It really sums it up....

I am so happy! I feel free again.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby Boy Jones Update

My Papà sent me this update and photos, He's already taking this Grandpa thing seriously! ;-))) GO GRANDPA!

Baby Boy Jones is off the ventilator and is eating mother's milk through a feeding tube. They are going to try to bottle feed him tomorrow. The photo is a little dark because there is no flash allowed in the NICK-U and they had the lights turned down. He is so precious and soft. We love him so much. They are saying that he may have to stay 3 maybe 4 weeks in the hospital. Please pray that he doesn't have to stay that long.

Sweet Grandma Nancy and BBJ

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A baby is born!

Soooo, my little nephew decided it was a good idea to come into this world about 7 weeks early! Poor thing has to be in ICU and in the incubator for a few weeks, but I am happy to report that so far he is doing fine! We haven't got a name yet, since of course Nick and Katie thought they still had 7 weeks to decide! I was told that there are two names in the running which are Preston and Decker, but I by far, prefer Preston!

Baby Jones
Enrico and I had planned our Christmas vacation around this little bugger's due date which originally was December 18th. We had bought our tickets for Dec. 17th hoping to be in San Diego for the birth! Oh well! Some things just can't wait! So we are looking forward to holding this precious little gift when we get there in December!

(Grand) Papà & Nancy
Look at all that blonde hair! He reminds me of Nick when he was born!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Screaming out to the world!

Italy is sinking fast and deep. Now they want to take away our rights of free speech.
Please take the time to read and understand what is going on her in Italy.

I feel as we are going back to the Soviet Union....

At this time, the Italian language Wikipedia may be no longer able to continue providing the service that over the years was useful to you, and that you expected to have right now. As things stand, the page you want still exists and is only hidden, but the risk is that soon we will be forced to actually delete it.

The Bill - Rules on Wiretapping etc., p. 24, paragraph 29, letter a) states that:

«For the Internet sites, including newspapers and periodicals delivered by telematic way, the statements or corrections are published, with the same graphic characteristics, the same access methodology to the site and the same visibility of the news which they refer.»

Over the past ten years, Wikipedia has become part of the daily habits of millions of web users looking for a neutral, free-content, and - above all - independent source of Knowledge. A new, huge multi-lingual encyclopedia, freely available to all, at any time, and free of charge.
Today, unfortunately, the very pillars on which Wikipedia has been built - neutrality, freedom, and verifiability of its contents - are likely to be heavily compromised by paragraph 29 of a law proposal, also known as "DDL intercettazioni" (Wiretapping Act).
This proposal, which the Italian Parliament is currently debating, provides, among other things, a requirement to all websites to publish, within 48 hours of the request and without any comment, a correction of any content that the applicant deems detrimental to his/her image.
Unfortunately, the law does not require an evaluation of the claim by an impartial third judge - the opinion of the person allegedly injured is all that is required, in order to impose such correction to any website.
Hence, anyone who feels offended by any content published on a blog, an online newspaper and, most likely, even on Wikipedia can directly request to publish a "corrected" version, aimed to contradict and disprove the allegedly harmful contents, regardless of the truthfulness of the information deemed as offensive, and its sources.

During all these years, the users of Wikipedia (and we want, once more, to point out that Wikipedia does not have an editorial staff) have always been available to review - and modify, if needed - any content deemed to be detrimental to anyone, without harm to the Project's neutrality and independence. In the very rare instances it was not possible to reach a mutually satisfactory solution, the entire page has been removed.
The obligation to publish on our site the correction as is, provided by the named paragraph 29, without even the right to discuss and verify the claim, is an unacceptable restriction of the freedom and independence of Wikipedia, to the point of distorting the principles on which the Free Encyclopedia is based and this would bring to a paralysis of the "horizontal" method of access and editing, putting - in fact - an end to its existence as we have known until today.
It should be made more than clear that none of us wants to question safeguarding and protection of the reputation, honor and image of any party - but we also note that every Italian citizen is already protected in this respect by Article 595 of the Criminal Code, which punishes the crime of defamation.
With this announcement, we want to warn our readers against the risks arising from leaving to the arbitrary will of any party to enforce the alleged protection of its image and its reputation. Under such provisions, web users would be most probably led to cease dealing with certain topics or people, just to "avoid troubles".
We want to be able to keep a free and open-to-all encyclopaedia, because our articles are also your articles - Wikipedia is already neutral, why neutralize it?
The users of Wikipedia

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article 27.

(1) Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.
(2) Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.

Today the volunteers of the Italian Wikipedia community made the decision to replace all of Italian Wikipedia with a message to readers about a law (PDF in Italian) being discussed before the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian parliament. The message outlines the viewpoints of the Italian Wikipedia community, and provides details about the proposed bill, and how it threatens the ability to openly collaborate in the sharing of knowledge. This is certainly a decision the Italian Wikipedia community did not take lightly.The Wikimedia Foundation stands with our volunteers in Italy who are challenging the recently drafted “DDL intercettazioni” (or Wiretapping Bill) bill in Italy. This bill would hinder the work of projects like Wikipedia: open, volunteer-driven, and collaborative spaces dedicated to sharing high-quality knowledge, not to mention the ability for all users of the internet to engage in democratic, free speech opportunities.Wikipedians the world over pride themselves on their ability to rapidly remove false information from their project. Wikipedia has established methods to receive complaints or concerns from individuals or organizations and a strong system exists to remove incorrect or false information, and if necessary to remove complete articles in an effort to prevent vandalism. For Wikipedians, there is no value nor need for this proposed legislation.The Wikimedia Foundation supports the rights of all people to access our free knowledge content everywhere in the world, and we equally support the work of our editors to collaborate in the production of this free knowledge without the spectre of sanctioned punishment or attacks towards their work.Jay Walsh, Communications

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why do I continue to go to the Hairdresser's?

Why oh why do I loose my mind and go to the hairdresser's when I KNOW they're just gonna do what they want and not listen to me? WHY OH WHY do they see me as "Legally Blonde"???

UHG. I'm soo good at doing my own hair, why did I do it?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Another Wedding!

I ♥ Weddings!! And I ♥ preparing for them!
These are some wedding favors I had fun making for my friend Barbie's wedding and daughter Carolina's Christening that will be on October 8th! Can't wait as I am also the Maid (matron) of honor and get to wear my Lavender Bridesmaid's dress hand made by my sweet Grandma Ivy for my BFF's (Cecily) wedding 12 YEARS AGO AND IT STILL FITS!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I ♥ Weddings

I love going to weddings! Don't you!???
(my pictures aren't so good,I used the crappy camera!)

Natascia (the bride) & the Girls!

I do!

Good friends, good times!

Enrico & Francesco

The Cake

The chocolate covered almonds stand.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

My day was sooo much fun! Words really can't explain the feeling of movie magic!

For obvious reasons, I didn't get any pictures of myself on set! I hope someone else did! But I did take a few around set! My job on set was to pretend during the shoot to be the main actress's hair & make-up gal! So the camera zooms in on me good this time too!

Me & Thyago (main actor)
Adriadna (main actress) & Silvia
On set
The Director Pieraccioni
The crew & director making decisions

Monday, June 6, 2011

ON THE ROAD TO STARDOM....(or maybe not!!!)

Soooo I went to the shoot on Saturday morning!

Just to be on set, get my make-up and hair done by a professional from Cinecittà (Italy's version of Hollywood MGM studios). I couldn't get any other pictures as the day started at 7 a.m. and was just pure chaos and bliss from there on.... I always knew that I was supposed to be in the movies ahahahah ;-)

This is me early in the morning with my VIP pass
The other girls in the cast....

Me & my friend Stefano who got chosen as well - we were waiting for hair & make-up. Well, I was! (hence Stefano's shaved head)

Oh and yeah.... I was chosen to say a few lines, acting next to this guy (the main actor Thyago Alves from Brazil)..... not bad hu? I had nooooo idea who he was, all the other girls were astonished that I didn't know who Thyago (ti-ah-go) was... he's some kind of reality celeb, and famous Armani model. I don't really watch any Italian TV so that's why, I guess, I was on another planet!
The scene I got to do was sitting next to him in a club at a party, so the camera gets me good! I get to say 2 lines: "hurray! drinks for everyone" and "another bottle please" to the waiter! I'll be on the screen for Christmas! The movie will never make it to the States so I'll have to find a way when it's time, to post a scene!

On Thursday I get to go back..... but that's another post!

Tàh tàh!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's new?

So we still haven't got our computer back from the shop, Almost 1 month now..... they say they can't figure out what's wrong with it! So we've been "computer-napping" my mother-in-law's computer for the last few weeks.

Here are the best pictures I could get of our room addition! We're still waiting for the doors to be ready, they said June 11th so let's keep our fingers crossed!

We're looking for a couch to put in the room. I would prefer a nice beige or vanilla color so that I can have fun with colorful pillows!
Sill a bit empty....
Detail of the "wood-rug" against the ceramic tile we chose to frame the room.
And Enrico found this nice antique dresser for me to put in our walk-in closet (I think he's hoping I'll keep things neater... pure madness! hahaha)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Take one!

Soooooo A few weeks ago I went out to a casting call for movie that's gonna be filmed by Leonardo Pieraccioni in Pula near Cagliari (near where we had our wedding reception). They needed extras, so I said what the heck! Let's try out!

Guess what??? I got called back yesterday!

I'll be on set 2 days:

all day June 4th, where they might need me to do a small speaking part! The scene will be set at a party, so I think I'll be saying very little like "may I have a drink please?" or just "thank you"; They told me to bring 3 different elegant/formal dresses so that the costumist could choose. If they don't like any of my choices, they'll have something available.

all day June 9th where I'll be in a scene where I'm part of a TV crew that's running after the main actor/actress in the film (No one knows who he/she is yet). No speaking part here, but I'm sure I'm going to have a lot of FUN and the best part is I get paid for it too!!!

Who knows! this might be the beginning of my long dremt stage career! ahahahahah :-)))

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coming soon!

New Pix of the New Room AdditioN!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We didn't do much this Easter. The weather was reaaaallly bad! :-( boo hoo.
My Mom had us over for lunch at her house, along with Enrico's Mom & Sister Simona. It was nice to be together!

Nonna Maria
Enrico found this funny swim cap in his Winnie-the-Pooh chocolate easter egg!
Simona & Marinella
Enrico & The Dog