Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One thing to another..

I guess it's just in my personality to never "keep still". As a child I was continuously scolded by teachers and sometimes my parents about how (hyper) active I was. In fact, at one point in my childhood I was given medication to calm down (ADVICE- Please never do that to your children).
I now realize that my "problem" really wasn't a problem, because I've really never changed.

I'm always doing something new in my life and can't keep still. Today for example, I had the neatest experience interviewing a friend of mine (Chris Lawrence a well renowned photographer). It was so fun to be on a mini-set and feel like I was an actual news reporter! Kinda reminds me of when I would go to the Children's Museum and play pretend at the small news studio they had set up there! I'll post the link to the interview as soon as it's ready!

I love doing random things and trying new stuff! As I said, it's just in my personality, I guess!

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Photographer Chris Lawrence said...

Hey CJ thanks for the awesome job yesterday and of course the nice words!!! Chris Lawrence