Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Woha! Don't blog for 4 months and everything's changed!

I haven't been able to blog for a while, mainly because I'm just to busy with lessons and stuff and out of the house most of the time! I'll try to get back up and blogging since fall/winter means more time indoors! 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Travelling to Apulia

Apulia is a region of Italy in Southern Italy bordering the Adriatic Sea in the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Ã’tranto and Gulf of Taranto in the south. Its most southern portion, known as Salento peninsula, forms a high heel on the "boot" of Italy.

Alberobello is a small town in the province of Bari, in Puglia, Italy. It has about 11,000 inhabitants and is famous for its unique trulli constructions. The Trulli of Alberobello are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites list since 1996.
A trullo (plural, trulli) is a traditional Apulian dry stone hut with a conical roof. Their style of construction is specific to the Itria Valley, in the Murge area of the Italian region of Apulia. Trulli were generally constructed as temporary field shelters and storehouses or as permanent dwellings by small proprietors or agricultural labourers. Their golden age was the 19th century.


The so-called "Old Town" of Ostuni is built on top of a hill and still fortified by the ancient walls. Ostuni is regarded as an architectural jewel, and is commonly referred to as "the White Town" ("La Città Bianca", in Italian) for its white walls and its typically white-painted architecture.


Our good friends Andrea & Claudia 

Torre Dell'Orso St.Andrea 

 We were lucky enough to see a Pop Art Expo with some of Andy Warhol's serigraphs 

The town of Gallipoli is divided in two parts, the modern and the old city. The new town includes all the newest buildings including a skyscraper. The old town, instead, is located on a limestone island, linked to the mainland by a bridge built in the 16th century.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Aaaand, We're back!

We're back from our 3-week vacation in sunny San Diego (80°f), Arizona desert, mountains & Grand Canyon and the wonderful coastline of So-Cal!
Time, is never enough when you are visiting family & dear friends from far away, but I was sure grateful to have been able to spend the X-mas holidays with them.

Baby Preston Blake Jones is just so precious. Just wished I could have seen him a little more...

I got to spend time with my forever friend Cecily. I love it that we can not see each other for 2 years, but pickup like time has never passed!

We had a wonderful time up at Nancy's sister's AMAZING cabin in the Arizona mountains!

And we got a lot of surf & sun in!
I just that my Hubby surfs!

@ Swami's

@ Wind & Sea La Jolla

More to come .........